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I like how quickly the visit was expedited. The staff was friendly and knowledgable. I absolutely adored the physician.

I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism of this group

I liked how the area was clean and everything looked tidy. I also appreciated the respect I received from the staff.

Where can I Find After Hours Care in Pearland?

After hours care can be found at Prime Urgent Care. Located at 2510 Smith Ranch Road in Pearland, Texas, our urgent care facility is open past regular business hours. We are open weekends, evenings, and even holidays.

Our medical facility is set up as a walk-in service. This means patients do not need an appointment to see one of our physicians. Instead, all they need to do is arrive at the center, fill out papers, and wait to be called.

Patients that visit our clinic have access to a variety of services. Our board-certified physicians and experienced medical staff are able to handle all types of medical problems ranging from asthma attacks and allergies to colds/flus and sprains and strains. We also have an on-site laboratory and state-of-the-art x-ray machine that is available for use. Call us at Prime Urgent Care to learn more about what services are available at our Pearland medical clinic.

Does Prime Urgent Care Offer After Hours Care?

Yes, Prime Urgent Care offers people access to medical care during non-traditional business hours. Our medical staff understands that illnesses and emergencies often happen when people least expect it. That is why our urgent care center is open evenings, weekends, and some holidays.

Patients have immediate access to board-certified physicians and qualified healthcare professionals at our clinic. There is no waiting for an appointment, as our services are available on a walk-in basis.

Patients that do not want to wait in our lobby for the next available physician can use our online check-in services. We allow patients to check-in online. They will receive an estimated time for their appointment. When a physician is ready, they will be called and not have to wait for medical care.

Our Pearland urgent care center provides patients with quick, easy access to a number of medical services. Our facility has an on-site laboratory and state-of-the-art x-ray machine that allows us to quickly diagnosis our patients when they come to our center. Call us at Prime Urgent Care to learn more about our urgent care services.

What is the Benefit of After Hours Care?

Unfortunately, illnesses and injuries are not predictable. This means that people may get sick or injured when their regular doctor is busy or out of the office. An urgent care center that offers after hours care allows patients to receive medical care for a variety of conditions without having to wait until their doctor's next available appointment.

People who visit Prime Urgent Care will receive medical treatment from board-certified physicians and experienced medical staff. Our staff is able to provide a variety of medical services ranging from lab tests and physicals to x-rays and illness diagnostics. All of these services are available to people during our regular business hours. We are open for business evenings, weekends, and some holidays. Call us at Prime Urgent Care to inquire about our business hours.


 In our fast paced society it is becoming imperative that people have medical treatment options which fit their busy lifestyles. This is one of the reasons that after hours care has become a popular alternative to traditional doctor’s offices and hospitals. Many people still wonder though, if they will receive quality treatment at after hours care.

You should think of an after hours care center as a miniature hospital. These facilities are under all of the same regulations as any major hospital. Staff are required to have the same credentials that you would find in your local hospital and emergency room. 24 hour urgent care in Pearland may be limited in some of the equipment that they have available, but if the staff encounter any type of situation that can not be handled within the facility, patients can quickly be transported to a larger hospital so that their particular concerns can be addressed.

Urgent care centers are ideal for non life threatening emergencies such as fevers, broken bones, and other common health emergencies that people encounter outside of normal doctor’s hours. Many people prefer urgent care over larger hospitals because they are exposed to fewer infectious conditions, wait times are smaller and care is more focused.

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