For High-Quality, Cheap X-rays, Visit Prime Urgent Care

  • For High-Quality, Cheap X-rays, Visit Prime Urgent Care
  • High Quality Images
  • Walk-in Medical Facility
  • Board-Certified Physicians, Trained Medical Professionals

Prime Urgent Care

2510 Smith Ranch Road Suite 102,
Pearland, TX 77584
(713) 340-3111

I like how quickly the visit was expedited. The staff was friendly and knowledgable. I absolutely adored the physician.

I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism of this group

I liked how the area was clean and everything looked tidy. I also appreciated the respect I received from the staff.

Where can I Find Cheap X-Rays?

Prime Urgent Care, located at 2510 Smith Ranch Road, offers cheap x-rays. Our medical facility has the necessary equipment to produce high quality images that can be used to diagnosis a number of medical conditions.

Our technicians will take the x-rays with our state-of-the-art equipment. Once the images are captured, they are sent over to a team of highly qualified radiologists for analysis. The assessment from the team of radiologists allows us to make accurate and quick diagnoses.

All images that are captured using our x-ray services are stored in the patient's medical file and are available on a CD. The CD can be given to the patient's primary care physician or specialist for continual care of the injury.

Patients that visit our medical facility at Prime Urgent Care know that they are paying a lower price for x-ray services. We bill as an urgent care service, which means those with insurance will pay lower co-pays. Our self-pay rates are lower in the Houston area, which help those patients who do not have access to insurance. Call us at Prime Urgent Care to learn more about our low cost urgent care services.

Are Cheap X-Rays Available in Pearland?

Yes, there are cheap x-ray services available to people who live in and around Pearland, Texas. Prime Urgent Care is an urgent care and medical clinic that offers low rates for x-ray service.

Our medical clinic is able to offer patients the low rates on x-ray services because we bill as an urgent care center. The co-pay for urgent care centers is often lower than emergency rooms. This means if insurance is being used the patient will only be responsible for paying a low co-pay to use our services.

Patients that do not have access to health insurance will be able to take advantage of our low self-pay rates. Our medical clinic has low self-pay rates in the Houston area. Offering low rates allows patients to receive urgent medical care without having to worry about being responsible for a lot of medical bills. Call us at Prime Urgent Care to learn more about our pricing for x-ray services at Pearland urgent care center.

Does Prime Urgent Care Offer Cheap X-Rays?

Yes, Prime Urgent Care offers x-ray services that are priced at affordable rates for people with and without insurance. Our medical clinic offers x-rays as part of our urgent care center. This structure allows us to bill insurance companies for an urgent care service, which often comes with a lower co-pay than emergency rooms.

Some patients do not have health insurance to help with medical expenses. These patients are able to receive cheap x-rays through our self-pay rates. Our self-pay rates are considered to be very low in the Houston area. Call us at Prime Urgent Care to learn more about our affordable x-ray services.

Our Location

The Crossing at 288
Northeast Corner of Hwy 288 & FM 518
2510 Smith Ranch Road Suite 102
Pearland, TX 77584
Access now available from northbound
Highway 288 feeder road

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Phone: (713) 340-3111

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