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For High-Quality Medical Care that is Fast and Cost Effective, Come to Prime Urgent Care

Many are concerned today about where to find quality, low cost urgent care. At Prime Urgent Care in Pearland, we quickly address the problem cost-effectively without compromising quality. Our staff of board-certified physicians and qualified medical professionals are trained in multiple areas. We can treat various ailments that plague the average person. Our facilities also have on-site lab services and state-of-the-art X-ray technology with digital radiography. Most of our patients are treated and released within a short period of time. For fast and efficient, low cost urgent care, go to Prime Urgent Care immediately. No appointment necessary.

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Why You Should Consider Low-Cost Urgent Care

[Posted on 11 April 2013 by Prime Urgent Care]

Families with children who have medical concerns that aren't life-threatening can benefit from low cost urgent care facilities. Since general practitioners or specialists may not be accessible after hours, during weekends, or on holidays, urgent care centers are supplying a demand for people who need medical attention but have low budgets or are without medical insurance. Many of these centers operate on a sliding scale, meaning the fee charged is based on the patient's income.

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Featured Article:

5 Reasons to Visit a Low Cost Urgent Care

[Posted on 09 Jan 2013 by Prime Urgent Care]

Often times, a low cost urgent care is just what you need. Urgent care facilities provide a faster approach to getting medical care than visiting a traditional doctor's office. There's no long wait to see a care provider for days or weeks like your doctor's office may require. At the same time, you don't have to worry about paying the high costs of an emergency room or hospital visit. It is the happy medium between the two. Why should you be visiting one?

Top Reasons to Visit a Low Cost Urgent Care

You may be impressed with just how many options you have when you visit this type of facility. In fact, they are often very full service providers with virtually everything you need aside from emergency surgical facilities or care in a life-threatening, immediate condition. Consider the following reasons to visit.

  • #1 - You can get cheap x-rays. Did you fall at practice or get hurt at work? If so, you can visit and pay for x-rays inexpensively and get them done right away without a wait. You'll even be able to get the results within a few minutes.
  • #2 -You can get immediate medical treatment for illnesses or injuries. You can come in without an appointment to get care from a licensed, high-quality doctor. He or she can offer treatment options including medications if you need them. These doctors are no different from those at your local doctor's office.
  • #3 - Get that physical done right away. If you've been putting off getting the physical you need for work, school or a sport, you can do so right away through this method. And, as a low cost urgent care, you will likely pay a flat fee for doing so. You don't have to delay the process any longer.
  • #4 - Your insurance may pay for it. Depending on the type of health insurance you have and whether or not a deductible is required, you may not even have to pay out of pocket for this type of medical care. Come in, get the care you need and be on your way without having to worry about a very large bill. If you do not have insurance or it does not provide coverage, there may still be options for reducing costs.
  • #5 - Get your questions answered and do so on your time. With longer hours and even weekend hours available, you will find this process of getting the information you need easy. If you have an illness or an injury develop over the weekend, you can get help for it right away. Since everything from blood tests to x-rays are available in these offices, you'll get the treatment you need now.

You may even find that low cost urgent care services are some of the best options available to you in your local community. With experienced medical staff and professionals you can trust to give you the answers and help you need right away, it's easy to get the care you need at a price you can appreciate.

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